Hello I'm Javascript Developer

My Services

Make your brand online

I can help in bringing your brand to online depending upon your business nature. Also, I will make sure you generate audience.

Bug Fixing

If you are facing critical issues before your launch, I can help you in resolving them timely.

Idea to Application

If you have any idea to test it out and gather some feedback from real audience, you can reach out to me.

My Technology Stack

My Featured Highlights

Medium Publication (Javascript in Plain English)
What you need to know about React 18

It was an honour for me to have my story accepted by one of the top publication on Medium. So far, it has generated more than 13.4k views in just a week's time.

Medium Publication (Geek Culture)
Custom implementation of bind method in Javascript

I am obsessed with Javascript Language. I tried to implement my own version of bind implementation just for fun and published on Geek Culture.

Bind method is build block of function call in Javascript. Its available to every function as part of prototype method. Its used to set the context of 'this' keyword inside function.

LinkedIn Article
How javascript works behind the scene

I had heard a lot buzz words about javascript like its a single threaded and performs non-blocking IO. I was curious to know how the hell javascript is different from other languages and how it actually works.

So, I thought to share my learning with the community through a Linkedin Article.